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Outdoor Shade Solutions for Residential and Commercial Spaces




Why Designers and Homeowners
Prefer Pergolas by Julie

If you’re looking for best-in-class pergola solutions, you’re in the right place. Pergolas by Julie offers state-of-the-art shade solutions that are designed for comfort and beauty and engineered for durability, reliability, and functionality.

Our pergolas meet the highest standards of performance. We know because we’re experienced landscape designers who have spent years researching and vetting many other popular brands of shade solutions. None can compare to the beauty, style, and performance of our pergolas.

We also back our products with unparalleled service. Whether you’re a homeowner or landscape professional, we’ll work closely with you from the concept stage all the way through final installation to make sure your shade solution is everything you’ve imagined. You can rest easy knowing that you’re in the hands of experienced landscape design professionals. We love making every client’s outdoor living space the favorite part of their home!


Outdoor Shade Solutions for Residential and Commercial Spaces





What People are Saying

“We worked with Julie on a complete backyard outdoor room and felt we got a lot of value from her design. She provided a great mix of listening to our wants and adding some amazing ideas where needed. She provided all the professional drawings for our louvered pergola, provided great contractors, and stayed involved throughout the project. We love the results! Thanks Julie.”

– Rachel Ross

“Julie is extremely creative and professional. She shows up on time, ready to work, with everything she needs. She listens well and adapts to fit your style. She is great at explorations and thinking outside the box/sketching things out so you can visualize before committing to a path for your louvered pergola. I felt she provides a great combination of consultation with listening to my needs/wants.”

– Wendy Wilson

“Worked with Julie on the landscaping of my back garden and she is an amazing person to work with. She is friendly and listens and really got my idea of how I wanted to design my back garden.  The louvered pergola has proven to the best used space in the yard- just as she had predicted! She is full of creative ideas, detail oriented and never left me hanging during the whole project from beginning to end. I highly recommend her!”

– Aimee Lysaght

“Julie did an amazing job redesigning our yard by creating a space including a retractable style pergola that is very tailored to our family. Even after her design drawings were complete, she regularly checked on the builders and was readily available for questions and additional suggestions. We could not be happier with how our yard turned out – all from the great vision that Julie had!”

– Lydia Mazzie

“Julie took all that she learned from us as to our goals, and likes and dislikes, and created plans for our front, back, and side yards that included landscaping, hardscape, a louvered pergola, outdoor kitchen, raised beds, and walkways. She worked closely with her recommended landscaping contractors and pergola installers to make sure that our project was executed in accordance with her plans. We are very pleased with how our project turned out under Julie’s leadership and highly recommend her.”

– Diane Hart

“Julie is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. She uses a very wel l thought out workflow which greatly helped keep the design project on track. From the start, you get the impression that you’re in good hands. She was able to help us solve some big design challenges around a cantilevered louvered pergola and never ran out of ideas or options in the process. She’s upfront and honest, and endeavors to steer you in the right direction in making the best possible choices for your project.”

– Sean R.

“I am thrilled with how my project turned out. It entailed a complete makeover of my front and back yards. The project included hardscape, outdoor kitchen, louvered multi-zoned roof, firepit, lounge area, lighting, speakers, heaters, and garden. Julie designed everything, I am super happy how the project turned out. Julie was very easy to work with and full of great ideas from the big picture level to the small details. It was a pleasure to work with her and I felt I got real value for my money.”

– Arnie Papp

“After a recent home expansion, our backyard was in shambles and small. Our space was small and our wish list long, but Julie made it happen. Conscientious of our budget, she routinely made recommendations to keep costs down but also highlighted areas where it was worth splurging. Our favorite recommendation was for the metal pergola with moveable louvers – it auto closes in the rain and keeps out afternoon heat so our family room remains comfortable. The structure also has lights and sound which is excellent for dinners and entertaining. Julie walked alongside us in working with 3rd party suppliers (pergola, outdoor kitchen vendors, and landscaping company), so we never felt alone.”

– Cynthia Olavarria

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A map highlighting six regions in the San Francisco Bay Area: North Bay, SF (San Francisco), East Bay, San Mateo, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz. The regions are marked in orange, while the surrounding areas are in gray. Each region is labeled with its name.


North Bay, South Bay, East Bay, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz County

A shaded map of the San Francisco Bay Area highlighting six regions in orange: North Bay, SF, San Mateo, East Bay, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz. The remaining areas are shown in grey. The map is focused on the coastal and inland areas surrounding San Francisco Bay.