Fixed Louver Pergola

A Timeless Design that Elevates Any Setting

Introducing the R-BREEZE, an ideal solution for those wanting a lighter, more open way of defining an outdoor space. Its fixed-angle louvers consistently provide just the right balance of sun and shade, while the play of light created by the lattice design adds a captivating visual element and underscores the architectural elegance of the R-BREEZE.

A modern poolside seating area features two white chairs under a shaded pergola with a slatted wood back. The structure is situated beside a clear turquoise pool and is framed by large windows and lush potted plants. The pergola has integrated lighting, adding an elegant touch.

Screwless Assembly

Modern outdoor patio featuring a rectangular pergola with a wooden slatted roof. Below, there is a seating area with cushioned chairs and a coffee table. Adjacent is a built-in kitchen counter with barstools. In the foreground, there is a hot tub. The backdrop includes a scenic view of mountains and palm trees.

Fixed-Angle Louvers

A building facade featuring a mix of brick and stone materials with arch details. A sign reads "Restaurant - Bakery - Bar." There is a modern black-framed outdoor pergola with tables and chairs, surrounded by greenery. A dome is seen on the right side of the building's roof.

Versatile Design


High Impact with Lower Maintenance

The R-BREEZE lets you create a beautifully defined space that integrates seamlessly with its surroundings. Its elegantly versatile design adapts to any style and will enhance the visual impact of any outdoor environment. With the option of choosing 55 degree or 90 degree fixed louver angles, you can control the amount of sunlight filtering through while also making a bold architectural statement.

Our R-BREEZE pergola is precision crafted to exacting standards. It’s smart design features a patented installation method that makes assembly a breeze! Without the need for screws, the R-BREEZE can be installed easily and seamlessly. Plus, there are no moving parts or gutters to clean, making this pergola a low-maintenance choice.

It is also designed to support a wide range of compatible features to customize your experience, for example integrated lighting, screens, fans, heaters and more.

Uniquely Designed for Maximum Versatility 

FIXED-ANGLE LOUVERS can be set to either 55° or 90° angles or a combination of both.

PATENTED INSTALLATION METHOD allows for seamless assembly without the need for screws.

RECESSED LIGHTS can be integrated into the accessory beams or within the outer edges of the pergola frame.

INTEGRATED RAMP LIGHTING is fixed to the louver edges and can be arranged in a variety of patterns for a unique effect.

ELEGANT, MODERN DESIGN is compatible with any style or setting.

NO MOVING PARTS and no gutters to clean means easy, worry-free maintenance.

R-BREEZE Features at a Glance

Privacy Walls

Automated Screens

Compatible Accessories

Base Plate Cover

LED Ramps

Recessed Lighting

Standard / Custom Colors

Made in the USA
Structural Warranty
Average Installation Lead Time

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