R-Blade’s Sensors
R-Blade’s sensors detect subtle weather changes for a safer, more comfortable outdoor experience. They seamlessly integrate into your environment, providing advanced protection and convenience. Whether it’s wind, rain, or temperature shifts, these sensors anticipate and respond to changes, letting you relax outdoors worry-free.

Wind Sensor
A wired anemometer features four magnets that generate pulses per winglet rotation, transmitted via reed contacts. It operates in temperatures from -20°C to +60°C. The reed switch provides four pulses per rotation. Enclosed in a self-extinguishing class V2 (UL-94) housing with IP65 protection, it has a 2-meter HVVF cable with two 0.5mm wires, designed for vertical fixing. This anemometer is for outdoor use, compliant with UL 746C standards for UV and water exposure. Proper installation following the electronic board’s instructions is crucial for accurate wind detection, positioning it strategically near the area to protect.

Rain Sensor
The rain sensor is designed to detect rainfall. It alternates between 10 seconds of measuring and 20 seconds of rest, ensuring accurate readings. Powered by a 12Vdc power supply with a current range of 25-100mA, the sensor is both efficient and reliable. Its IP65 rating protects it from outdoor elements, and it can operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C.

 Radio Transmitter with Dusk/Down Function
The radio transmitter features a dusk/dawn function, sending commands based on light levels. Commands are stored in a receiver, allowing flexible configuration. It activates between 10 to 150 lux, checks every 20 minutes, and can run for 2 to 8 hours. Compatible with many Teleco receivers, it boasts an IP54 rating for outdoor durability and reliability.

Temperature Sensor

  • waiting for specs for this product
R-Blade’s wind, rain, and temperature sensors are revolutionizing outdoor living by providing a new level of comfort and convenience. With these sensors, you can enjoy your outdoor space year-round, knowing that you’re protected from the elements. Click here to visit Pergolas By Julie and make your outdoor space usable year-round, regardless of weather, maximizing your investment and creating lasting memories.